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What is Counselling?

HT Counselling offers:-

  • an opportunity to talk through problems confidentially
  • time to express feelings without judgements
  • help to explore and understand your difficulties
  • support to find ways to manage problems effectively
  • a listening ear in a comfortable & safe environment

Everyone comes to counselling for different reasons. Some people are looking to make life changing differences to their lives, whereas others feel unsure what they want to change but feel that counselling will help them find a clearer outlook.

Friends & family may be supportive but because they are close to you, they may not be in the best position to help, perhaps there may be things you'd rather not share with them, not wishing to burden them. In this situation a safe and supportive space in which you can talk in confidence to a counsellor may be of value. Counselling will help aid a deeper understanding of your feelings and emotions and can help you manage them more effectively. It can also help you as an individual develop greater self-esteem, self-worth and effective ways of relating to others by expressing your own needs and desires.

So how is this done?

Counselling provides an opportunity to explore the issues and challenges that arise in day-to-day life and the factors that impact on the decisions we make.

Counselling is based on a therapeutic relationship that is built up by respect and trust. Typically a balance of talking about your present day experiences, and looking into the roots of your concerns in your early years achieves this.

At first, you may feel a little nervous about the process, but this usually fades as your counsellor helps you explore your concerns. No problem is too big or too small for you to bring.