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Counsellors use various ways to help you explore your issues that sometimes hinder our physical and emotional wellbeing. Without judgment, criticism or pressure to feel or act in a certain way our counsellors are trained to actively listen to your concerns and to support you while you explore new methods and solutions that work better for you.

Using a humanistic approach, our counsellors use this to underpin the work carried out. This values each individual and embraces each person's unique experience of life, capacity to make choices and to grow towards personal development. Our counsellor's role is to make space for this ability to emerge.

We aid each client to develop resilience and self-value/respect. We encourage qualities such as creativity, choice, self-awareness, trustworthiness and taking responsibility for oneself when facing personal change. We facilitate all of this through talking rather than "advising or informing".

Choosing your Counsellor

As this can be fraught with many different choices and decisions, here at HT Counselling, we like to make the process easier by asking you to attend an Initial Assessment Session. Our Lead Counsellor, Helen Townsend will carry out this Assessment session. She will discuss with you, your concerns and issues. During this process she will help you understand the type of work that could be undertaken by the services counsellor's and will evaluate who is best placed to do this. This will be based on the counsellor's experience and training and current availability. Of course you will have a joint input to this decision and Helen will support you through this process.

So what happens next?

If you feel any of this connects with you and would like to make an appointment this can be done in the following ways:-